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A Community-based, open intelligence network

ORiON is the first decentralized cyber intelligence operator platform. Users submit and analyze malicious content, report suspicious websites, inspect Smart Contracts, and receive rewards for their contributions.

Launching ORiON

ORiON is a platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The Platform allows users to submit digital content and files for analysis, creating a transparent collection of exploits, vulnerabilities, and risk assessments. Uploads qualify for rewards, similar to a bug bounty program.

Membership in the community is achieved through minting an ERC721 Non-Fungible Token. This token is a transferable, scarce digital subscription stored in an Ethereum smart contract. Holding NFTs makes it possible to access the platform, have role-specific community participation, and be eligible for airdrops.

There are two main types of membership passes: 500 2-year Access Passes ("Mission Commanders") and annual access passes for all others ("Membership Pass").

While access to the community, the ORiON Platform, and exclusive airdrops is reserved for subscription-pass members, we still want to encourage submitting threat intelligence by anyone interested. Anyone can make a submission, have it validated, and be eligible to receive rewards without having to subscribe to the platform.


Our Roadmap

  • Phase 1

    Release ORiON Mission Commanders NFTs and begin development of ORiON Platform.

    With 20+ years of cybersecurity and intelligence experience, the team came up with the ambitious plan of creating a community-based cybersecurity and data intelligence platform. We will be releasing 500 Mission Commander passes for early access. All Mission Commanders will have 2-year access to ORiON and receive exclusive rewards.

  • Phase 2

    Release ORiON Membership Pass NFTs beta access to ORiON Platform V0.5

    Membership Pass NFT’s will get exclusive beta access to the Platform prior to the public launch. Members will receive annual access to ORiON.

  • Phase 3

    Launch V1 Platform to Submitters and Validators, DAO, and ORiON tokenomics.

    Public launch of the ORiON Platform v1, Community governance, and ORiON tokenomics system. Mission Commanders and Members will have premier access to the ORiON Platform, intelligence dashboard, and submission leaderboard.

Meet the Team

Joshua Rutkowski

Joshua Rutkowski

Co-Founder / Engineering

Josh Nichols

Josh Nichols

Co-Founder / Security

Jason Rasmussen

Jason Rasmussen

Co-Founder / Engineering

Taso Triantafillos

Taso Triantafillos

Co-Founder / Operations

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